Job brokerage

In accordance with the Agreement between the Government of the Czech Republic and the Government of Mongolia on the mutual employment of citizens of the Czech Republic and citizens of Mongolia of the 8th December 1999 an on the basis of the subsequent and pertinent “Contract” concluded between the Mongolian company “GURVAN UUL MANDAL”, Ulaanbaatar and the company ALPHACON, Prague, Minister Ts. Bayarsaikhan resolved through his order No. 119 of 22nd November 2005 of the Ministry Social Welfare and Labour of Mongolia that job brokerage of citizens of Mongolia on the territory of the Czech Republic to include activities connected with it be provided exclusively by the two above-mentioned companies, i.e. company “GURVAN UUL MANDAL”, Ulaanbaatar and ALPHACON, Prague, each on its own territory with effect from the 16th November 2005.

Consequently, on the basis of this order of the Minister, a “Statement of Special Consent for the Job brokerage of Mongolian Citizens Abroad” No. 36 of 22nd November 2005 was issued to the company “GURVAN UUL MANDAL”, Ulaanbaatar in accordance with the legal regulations of Mongolia. The decision of the Minister Ts. Bayarsaikhan and the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour of Mongolia was simultaneously announced to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and the Embassy of Mongolia in Prague.

The Czech Republic subsequently through the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs granted permission to brokerage the employment of Mongolian citizens on the entire territory of the republic to our company ALPHACON Prague valid until 2009.

We believe together with the Mongolian side that these adopted measures will in future help to improve the quality, make more transparent, unify and simplify the processing of all the necessary documents and permits for both Mongolian employees and Czech employers.