Business Activities

This is basic information about our activities and our supply program as it has gradually profiled in the course of existence of our company.
AlphaCon, Co.,Ltd., offers its supply program in this basic structure:

  • business activities
  • building activities
  • tourism

Within the scope of business activities, the company mostly focuses on the export and import of goods and services. Together with the export of supplied technological investment units, machines and equipment, the company also offers assembly services, trial launching of supplied technological units, training of personnel, assignment of necessary production procedures, supply of spare parts and special raw materials necessary for technological processes to its clients.

The export and import program of business activities of the company is mostly focused on:


  • export of technological investment units, including their assembly, trial launching, training of personnel
  • export of machines, equipment and spare parts
  • export of cars, trucks, vans and buses, including spare parts and servicing
  • export of building materials and household products
  • export of machines and equipment for textile, shoemaking and leather-processing industry
  • export of textile goods
  • export of food


  • import of Mongolian raw materials (concentrates, ores, non-ores)
  • import of Mongolian products (leather goods, cashmere goods, goods from camel, goat and sheep wool)
  • import of Chinese products (tools, clothing, artificial flowers, ceramics)
  • import of Russian products (ores, non-ores, oil goods, metallurgical goods, agricultural fertilizers, wood, cotton, flax)

We would like to give you some brief information about individual articles in the scope of business activities. If you are interested in any of the below offered technological investment units, machinery or materials, we will gladly send you detailed information upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us at one of our contact adresses.


We supply breweries and minibreweries with steam or electrical heating, based on the client’s demands. Our company supplies equipment with the yearly production volume of 500 to 20,000 hectoliters of beer of various types and percentages of alcohol, depending on the used combination, size of individual pieces of equipment and the number of batches. On the basis of the required capacity, the size of the supplied brewing house and the number of fermenting, lager or cylindrical-conical tanks vary. Brewing vessels are stainless and can be traditionally coated with copper. Fermenting, lager and drawing tanks are fully stainless. The design of individual apparatuses allows to incorporate the brewery directly in the building of a stylish restaurant where the brewed beer is consumed.


Distilleries for the production of soft spirit are designed and supplied on the basis of client’s needs, most frequently with the capacity of 500 to 5,000 liters per day (we can supply distilleries of larger capacities if the client requests so). Pre-cleaned grain (wheat) or molasses are the initial raw materials. Based on the use of the raw material, there are various solutions for the section of intake of raw materials, their processing and fermentation. If grain is the raw material, it is processed to fermentative refined soft spirit with content of spirit at least 95.7% vol. complying with ČSN 660825 (refined spirit). The raw material (grain) is processed by mechanical disruption of grains (meshing), enzymatic liquidizing and saccharization by a fermentative process with the use of baker’s yeast. The produced wort is processed in a distillation column. The production of soft spirit presents at least 80% of total production capacity of the distillery. The rest is technical spirit and side products.

At customer’s request, the basic offer of distillery can be extended by supply of drawing equipment for drawing to tank cars, barrels or bottles; the technology of soft spirit production can be extended by supply of equipment for production of vodka, either of European or Russian type, with a filling line.


We offer supply of a variety of new machinery of modern conception, from small machines for manual production up to fully automated machines intended for drawing of spirit, saturated beverages (soft drinks, wines), and machines for carbonation or drawing of beverages containing carbon dioxide (mineral waters, beer). We also supply beverage-making machines of various outputs from 2000 to 16000 liters per hour. Thanks to unit construction of these machines, it is possible to optimize their output based on client’s demand. We supply the capacity of drawing and filling line and its structure according to client’s individual demands. The line provides the following technological procedures:

  • removing labels on returnable bottles by steeping
  • washing and spraying bottles empty
  • filling bottles from 0.3 liter to 2 liter
  • closing bottles by crown cap or screwing cap
  • sticking of labels
  • dispatch to warehouses

The configuration of machines and equipment included in a simple canning line for fruit and vegetables processing depends on client’s demands. In addition to supply of integral canning lines, we offer also supplies of individual pieces of machinery forming a part of such line. These are: glass washers, fruit and vegetables washers, cutting-machines, glass fillers, tanks for infusion mixtures, machines for filling glasses with infusion through pistol, sealers of glass, tubs, or autoclave for sterilization, refrigerating baths, wrapping machines.


Mill consists of a supply of machinery-technological equipment of semiautomatic line for grain grinding. This milling line achieves very good parameters of both baker’s and consumer’s flour with a minimal consumption of electric power and built-up area. On this line, it is possible to mill food wheat and rye to baker’s and consumer flour. On demand it is possible to separate special flours, both fine-ground and medium-ground, in a limited quantity. The kind of flour depends on the number of grinding steps. Together with the machinery we can also offer the necessary equipment, which easily allows using the technology of milling baker’s flour from rice.


Our company cooperates with major manufacturers of baking machines and technological equipment for bakeries. It uses many-years experience of experts on bakery and thus ensures that its supplies meet current demanding requirements in the sphere of bakery technology.
We supply small and medium bakeries with output from 30 to 300 kg per hour. It consists of machines and technological equipment for supplying individual workplaces in the basic configuration, and supplementary equipment based on client’s demands. We supply bakeries in several basic variants depending on the size of the baking area. The whole technological line is assembled and designed in close cooperation with the client. The bakery can be also constructed as a part of a mill, or separately.


An individual conception of production in sugar industry has been developed in the Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia) in course of years, using several patents. A cooperation with major research institutes in the sphere of sugar-making technology and machinery allows producing sugar-making equipment of progressive conception, high service life and operational reliability.
At present time, our company offers complete technological equipment of raw-sugar works and combined works for processing beet to final product of the required quality, or to white refined goods. The technology of beet sugar factory equipment is supplied in the line: 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000 t of beet per 24 hours.
Cane-sugar factories are designed for production of raw sugar, plantation crystal, as well as refineries with the option of use both during the campaign and after its end. The technology equipment is supplied in the line: 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 8,000, 12,000 t of sugar cane per 24 hours.


The subject of our offer is a supply of technological equipment for milk processing with the option of the following output products: consumer milk, cottage cheese, soft cheeses, acidified milk products, sweet or sour cream and butter. The heating for technological processes is either electric or steam. The offered dairies can be solved in several variants and with inclusion of those operational sets, which the client is interested in. The whole set can be also extended by equipment for yogurt production.


The offered meat-processing plants are capable of meeting customers’ special demands and providing production of meat and meat products in the whole complex, while complying with the most demanding hygienic requirements. We solve the whole technological flow of meat and meat products from the moment of shedding the animals to dispatch of ready meat and butcher’s products.


In meeting the demand of our foreign business partners, our company offers supplies of machinery, equipment and spare parts from production programs of companies from the Czech and Slovak Republic
The largest orders has been so far realized to our now stable customers from Mongolia, the Russian Federation including other states of the Commonwealth of Independent Nations, and the People’s Republic of China. Satisfaction of our customers is secured by a large scope of our supply in a high quality as well as in promptness with which we are able to respond to various individual demands. The employees of our company successfully use traditional business contacts with the major producers, as well as a long-term and thorough knowledge of the market in the Czech and Slovak Republic. That’s why we can offer a complete business service to our customers, doing our best to meet their demands.

The range of our offer in this business commodity is very wide, and it develops based on our partners’ demands.

We offer export of machines and spare parts in the spheres mentioned below:

* textile industry and shoemaking industry

  • industrial sewing machines
  • shearing machines
  • ironing machines and fixation presses

* printing machines and machines for equipment of publishing houses

  • sheet offset machines
  • copying frames
  • illuminating tables
  • paper cutters
  • sewers
  • machines for plastic binding

* food industry

  • machines for simple canning lines for fruit and vegetables processing
  • ice-cream making machines
  • machines and equipments for large-capacity kitchens of restaurant type
  • drawing counters
  • equipment for sweetshops, cafés and restaurants
  • ice makers
  • drift-ice whirlers
  • cold drinks whirlers
  • coffee-mills
  • refrigerators and refrigerating boxes
  • refrigerating selling counters
  • complete equipment of kitchens for hotels and restaurants
  • kitchen stoves with baking oven
  • grilling plates and deep-fryers
  • frying large-capacity pans
  • cooking caldrons
  • convectomats
  • mixed cold meats machines
  • slicers, cutters, grinders, whipping and mixing machines
  • equipment for sport and relaxation (warming and cleaning of water in swimming pools, saunas, fitness and body-building centers, massage, hairdressing and cosmetic centers, solaria)

* diesel-electric aggregates

  • classical model (motor and generator on the same frame with output of 36, 48, 73 and 140 kW)
  • classical model with motor PERKINS (with output of 45, 63, 81 and 166 kW)
  • packed model (all on the same frame with output of 36, 48, 73 and 140 kW)
  • movable aggregate (with output of 36, 48, 73 and 140 kW)
  • emergency automatic aggregates SLAVIA type (output of 6, 13, 15, 27 or 30 kW)

* machines and equipment for small and big construction mechanization

  • construction cranes
  • construction lifts
  • construction scaffoldings, both fixed and movable
  • construction mixers


One of important offers of our company to foreign customers consists especially of world-wide-known and technically perfect buses KAROSA and automobiles ŠKODA and TATRA. We also supply spare parts for all vehicles. The main offer is extended by supplies of spare parts for freight cars BELAZ (hydraulic pumps, turbo-blowers, bearings, etc.), KRAZ, ZIL and UAZ.

As for KAROSA buses, we offer type B 732 for urban transport, type C 734 for suburban transport, type C 735 for long-distance transport, type GT 11 of tourist bus, type HD 12 of luxurious bus for long-distance transport with air-conditioning, or specially modified buses to order. On the basis of client’s demand, we offer KAROSA buses with motor LIAZ or RENAULT, with mechanical or automatic gearbox and ABS. We also provide sale of older KAROSA buses after general overhaul, and sale of all spare parts for KAROSA buses.

On the carriage of TATRA vehicle we offer buses destined to severe terrains and hard Siberian conditions, under the name TATRA SIBIRBUS. The making and equipment of SIBIRBUS can be modified depending on operating conditions, based on client’s demand.
TATRA freight cars are destined for difficult operating conditions. They are characterized by unconventional technical solution. Fully driven cars with carriage configuration 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 (at request larger number of axles possible), with swinging independently resilient semi axles of TATRA conception securing high absorption of vibrations, higher transport speed off-road and on bad roads, option of individual inactivation of axle differential and inter-axle differential to provide high throughput in difficult terrains. They are characterized by maximum protection of driving-gear against outer environment and high solidity of spatial supporting structure of the vehicle, resulting especially in multiple lower longitudinal distortions, which materially decreases the stress on the upper structure and allows its easy location on the frame. TATRA dumpers are supplied as one-sided or three-sided, with loading capacity of 9, 17 or 22 tons, in both tram-bus and hood making. Trailer trucks with carriage configuration 4×4 or 6×6 with high cabin and equipment for international truck transport, or with low cabin and hydraulics for technological transport, for total weight of the whole vehicle 44 or 75 tons.

TATRA freight cars in making S1 ARTIK are modified for operation in the areas of Siberia, so they can secure operability of the car in extremely low temperatures. The exhaust fumes from the motor heat the reversible container. The heating of driver’s cabin is combined, consisting of independent diesel heating and dependent oil heating. The whole driver’s cabin is thermally insulated.
In addition to the well-known cars TATRA 815, we offer an innovated line:

  • TERRNO 1 – tram-bus cabin for civil versions
  • JAMAL – hood cabin for civil versions
  • ARMAX – military vehicles derived from civil ones
  • FORCE – special military vehicles

We offer ŠKODA automobiles in all produced modifications. These are personal cars ŠKODA OCTAVIA, ŠKODA FELICIA, as well as the newest model ŠKODA FABIA. We supply the cars from the whole production line, with equipment, modifications and usable features based on client’s demands. Škoda cars are produced in the following versions: limousine, combi, pickup, van plus and leisure time model called fun. We are also able to supply these basic versions in modifications for special usage based on client’s demand, like police cars, health emergency cars, ambulances, fire cars, break-down cars, technical aid cars and so on. The color design according to client’s wish is a matter of course.

The basic offer of export of personal, freight and utility vehicles is also extended by export of motorcycles JAWA from the production of the Czech Republic. Within this offer we supply to our foreign customers the following: motorcycles JAWA in class 50, 125 and 350 ccm. JAWA 50 with type name 585 MOSQUITO, JAWA 125 type CHOPPER, TRAVEL. JAWA 350 type CHOPPER, STYL and TRAVEL. Depending on the type name, the individual motorcycles are destined to roads, off-road as well as for sport rides. Based on client’s wish, we are able to supply also motorcycles with a special modification for police, for example.


AlphaCon, Co., Ltd., Praha is also engaged in exporting construction works to abroad. It has plentiful experience and knowledge of facts in business activities in the sphere of building industry. As a supplementary service in the sphere of building activities, it offers to its foreign customers delivery of building and mounting materials produced in the Czech and Slovak Republic in the whole range of production.
The company supplies the offered below-specified building materials from standard to high quality, based on client’s demands. The company provides export wrapping and transport of consignments with optimal costs of transport.

  • masonry materials;
  • hydroization and heat insulation
  • technical equipment of buildings – sewerage, water-piping, air-conditioning and ventilation, heating in classical making steel-cast iron, or from plastics
  • materials for electric wiring in houses, including service boards, electric doorkeepers, intercoms;
  • both outdoor and indoor doors including door-frames of both classical natural materials and plastics, incl. the required degree of
  • security and anti-fire security based on client’s demand;
  • wooden or plastic windows with mounting in shapes, sizes and colors based on client’s wish, incl. EURO version;
  • ground-cloth – ceramic pavement, PVC and linoleum, parquetry, floating wooden floors, carpets, glues, silicones, jointing materials, termination laths …;
  • entrance gates and garage gates also with automatic drive;
  • coating materials, paints and varnishes for both indoor and outdoor;
  • sanitary equipment;
  • saunas, pools, fitness centers, indoor fireplaces;
  • kitchen equipment;
  • furniture for offices, flats, workshops and hotels….


The long tradition of food production in the Czech and Slovak Republic reflects in the high quality of products based on natural raw materials, and the wide range of products comparable with the worldwide competitors. The narrow and intensive cooperation of our company’s employees with those producers enables us to offer our foreign clients the whole range of products of the food industry. With regard to the well-built background of our company in marketing and foreign trade, our employees arrange a complete delivery including the transport to the place of destination, based on client’s demands regarding the range of goods. The interest of our foreign partners mainly concentrates on the following kinds of foodstuff:

* Confectionery

  • candies (dragée, jelly, toffee, hard candies, roks, furée);
  • chocolates and Christmas chocolate products;

* Bakery products

  • biscuits;
  • gingerbread;
  • filled and coated tubes;
  • coated and non-coated wafers;

* Cans

  • canned vegetables, ketchups;
  • stewed fruit, jams;
  • canned meat and paste;

* Meat industry products

  • meat;
  • poultry;
  • butcher’s products;

* Dairy products

  • durable milks;
  • yogurts;
  • butter;
  • cheeses;
  • other milk products;

* Other farm products

  • grain;
  • flour;
  • sugar;
  • brewer’s hop
  • condensed brewer’s yeast (barm);
  • malt of Pilsner type;
  • baker’s yeast;
  • distillery enzymes (ferments);


For the time of existence of company AlphaCon, Co., Ltd., Praha, we have satisfied a number of our foreign customers by supplies of textile products and footwear. The long-time tradition, quality and worldwide renown of Czech and Slovak production of textile and footwear enable our company to satisfy the most demanding requirements, too. The products most demanded by our foreign partners are working clothes and textile materials for production of working clothes and working shoes. We offer our customers a wide variety of materials and finished products of different material composition, colors, surface finish, with which we can immediately meet the requirements for all spheres of production activities, starting from trade, health care, machine building, metallurgy, through mining activities to the needs of military, police and firefighters units.

In addition to the above-mentioned products and materials, we offer supplies of all auxiliary materials for production of clothes, like threads, buttons, zippers, quick fasteners etc.